The 3rd Space app is a digital archive that preserves and initiates online interactions between Iranians and Americans currently residing in their native country. The virtual realm of the Internet is the only space, to date, that is simultaneously accessible across countries and geographical borders. More specifically, the Skype application allows for a free global space where political boundaries cannot prevent people from engaging with each other.

With the use of the Internet and telecommunication applications, this project has created a platform where conversations and the exploration of a conjoined hybrid or third identity and culture can occur. In order to encourage this interaction and to facilitate communication, I have developed a set of guidelines that all participants follow, before the free-flowing conversations begin. These instructions are a key element in creating a comfortable space to establish a connection between the two parties. The desired third space can only exist if both individuals agree and are able to correspond. 3rd Space encourages a dialog between people in these two countries of conflict, to pursue an exchange in an attempt to raise awareness and allow for one-on-one exposure in the hope of creating a potential connection. 

*The guidelines are not shared in order to remain a surprise for future participants.  

I would also like to present this work at the Former Iranian Embassy in Washington DC. The building located at Embassy Row, has been abandoned since 1980 and is in the care of the U.S. Department of State. Currently there is an interest section of the Islamic Republic of Iran located at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington D.C., however, since the hostage crisis, a direct relationship or consulate between Iran and America has never reformed.